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Native American Music Photoshoot Information

Native American Music

The pictures show the group ´Danza Morena´ which consist of Matachines from the U.S. Virgin Islands whose cause it it to venerate The Virgin Mary. The group was established and owned by Jose and Cecilia Soria.

These wonderful people perform in our Turquoise Native American Headdress - 75cm, in our Blissful White War Bonnet - 130cm and in our Red War Bonnet -130cm.


Music, especially singing and playing the percussion, was an important aspect in the daily life of Native Americans. There were songs that could be sung in public places while others were exclusively used for sacred ceremonies. Also there were a lot of ceremonial speeches that were perceived as musical because parts of them were performed in a rhythmically and melodically way. 

Music also had an educational background as songs were used to tell stories about past generations and to pass them on to the younger generations. These songs were usually about war heroes from past battles or about dreams and visions and how to learn from them. During these ceremonies people sang and danced along to the music and were even wearing costumes.

Even when it came to music, men and women played their specific roles. There were several dances, instruments and costumes that could only be used by a specific gender. Also before an important battle Natives sang their songs, but i.e. in the Cherokee community men were singing their own songs, where an elder was singing a song for the women of the tribe.

However sometimes music was just supposed to enjoy oneself or simply to celebrate the planting season or harvest.

Many native Americans might be gone, but their mystical music, as a part of their rich culture, will stay forever.


Thank you so much for bringing our Indian headdresses to life!


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