Love For Nature Photoshoot Information

Love For Nature

Photographer: Krista Lejara Photography - KLP Studios

Model: Ashley Welch (who´s wearing our Black War Bonnet - 130cm)


"Every seed is awakened and so is all animal life." Sitting Bull Hunkpapa Teton Sioux 

Various legends exist that tell about the environmental wisdom and the spiritual connection that native Americans have to the earth. Especially animals were seen to have the same rights as humans and were respected on being on the same level. Still they were hunted for the purpose of food, however this never happened before asking for permission of the animal´s spirit. Also in the indigenous Indians believed that the land belongs simply to anyone and they had no understanding of private property. Above that all native Americans believed in a so called ´Great Spirit´ that was the creator of everything. They also understood the earth as a mother (Mother Earth) as she was a life-giving force. Therefore native Indians enjoyed to sit on the ground and to let their skin touch the earth as they felt it would bring them closer to the mothering power. Most natives believed even in a kinship between all creatures of land, water and sky. The understanding of the connection between all living creatures and nature is just impressive and makes us understand how advanced the native Americans were when it came to environmental ethics and for merging the concern for humans with the concern for nature.

In order to celebrate the beauty of nature, the talented Krista took her photoshoot outdoors where she took simply stunning pictures of our Indian headdress. Please see credentials below. 



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