Frequently Asked Questions



  • ➳ Shipping Time: How long does it take for my order to arrive?
    Shipping time is only about 3-4 business days with 1 business day handling time.
    So after your place your order it should arrive within a total of 3-5 business days.
    Even faster options are available. Just message us if you need even faster shipping.
  • ➳ How much is the shipping fee?
    Shipping for all of our products is 25 USD.
    And we only charge for shipping once, regardless of how many items you order.
  • ➳ Faster Shipping: Is it possible to get my order even faster?
    Some items are available for Overnight Shipping
    If you’re interested in this service just send us an email at
    and let us know which item you're interested in. We'll get back to you asap.
  • ➳ Do you ship to____?
    We ship worldwide with DHL.
  • ➳ How do I track my shipment?
    Once your order has been dispatched you will be receiving an automated message that contains your personal tracking number which you can track right at the DHL Homepage.
    If for any reason it doesn’t work just send us an email and we’ll track it for you.


  • ➳ What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept Paypal and all major credit and debit cards via Stripe.


    • ➳ Can I return my order if I'm not happy with it?
      Yes, of course. If we shipped the wrong item, or if it arrived damaged,
      we will re-ship or refund immediately. 
      If you're simply not happy with your order you can also return it. 
      In this case, the buyer will get a refund (excluding shipping costs) as soon as the product is back with us.


      • ➳ Are the Indian Headdresses made by real Native American Indians?
        No. However, every Indian Headdress we offer is an authentic looking replica made by indigenous Balinese artists
      • ➳ Are the Indian Headdresses made using real feathers?
        Yes, we use only authentic and real feathers.