Who We Are

Novum Crafts is a collection of handmade artworks created by local gifted artists in the heart of Bali. We handcraft American Indian headdresses, carved animal skulls, and accessories that have been inspired by the Native American culture. It started with a mere fascination for the traditional arts, in which Balinese craftspeople were urged to recreate cultural emblems, such as dreamcatchers, turquoise jewelry, and the  Indian Headdress to celebrate living pieces of history.

Why Indian Headdress?

We grew up believing that Native Americans and their beautiful traditions are worth the pages of our history books, the walls of national museums, and every bit of our respect. Because it’s not just a handsome design but also more of an illustration of a towering history. When we see an American Indian headdress, we get a taste of the peoples’ arts. It gives off a pure vibe, like being closer to natural matter - wind, fire, earth, water, and everything in between - it takes us to a whole new level of awe and beauty.

The Artists Behind Novum Crafts

Unfortunately, most local artists cannot combine their passions and professions, as they are often not recognized for their talent. Novum Crafts recognizes their great potential and the pleasure their work could bring to others. And so, by paying these artists fair wages, enough to support their entire families, they now have a chance in life and to follow through with their real passions. At the same time, art connoisseurs and even ordinary people from around the world are thrilled to own one of these marvellous replicas representing centuries-old traditions.