White Shaded Red Indian Headdress - 75cm



Love, danger, passion - whatever you’re aiming for, red can intensify any look! Aside from its fiery star color, our White Shaded, Red Indian Style Headdress is also donned with natural feathers and white fur details to give off an authentic vibe.

Balinese artists also added red beadwork to the forehead band to bring your eyes to their handcrafted masterpiece. How’s that for a statement?

If you wanna go one step further, why not combine the Indian inspired Headdress with a beautiful Red Breastplate just like our model here?


"Awesome headdress! I recently purchased the white shaded red 75cm headdress for a Scouting ceremony. Headdress for awesome and everyone commented on the quality! Looking forward to purchasing an additional one soon!" - Christopher B.
White Shaded Red Indian Headdress - 75cm has a rating of 4.6 stars based on 8 reviews.

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