White-Purple War Bonnet - 130cm



White and purple when paired spell mystical. So if you want to exude both wisdom and quirk, this White-Purple War Bonnet is for you.

Vibrant purple feathers beautifully clash with the white fur and beadwork giving the eyes a soothing treat.

Our Balinese craftsmen created this gorgeous war bonnet in intricate steps bearing in mind that it is for people like you who want a taste of the Native American culture and revive history in their own way.

Go for our small breastplate and amp up your Native American inspired look.

"The piece was absolutely amazing. I wore it to a party and everyone loved it. I got remarks like “I know that didn’t come from Party City.” And, “omg, that piece is beautiful, where did you get it, or how much was it?” One guy even asked if he could pay me to borrow it for his daughter to wear..." - Delynne M.

White-Purple War Bonnet - 130cm has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 1 reviews.

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