Tan-Colored Leather-Bag With Fringes - Large & Square


This boho bag is made from the softest leather and the typical pale brown shade. It also hosts the obligatory golden undertones painted in the hoops and zipper that match the main color very nicely.

But what makes the true difference, well not just its fringes, but the Native American breastplate as its eye-candy at first sight.

The Native Indian ornaments on our leather bag are handcrafted with hand-cut bone details, wooden pearls, and turquoise stones crisscrossed altogether by leather strings. The breastplate design at the front of the fringe bag is a reminder of the cultural significance in the Indian traditions and will turn heads for sure.



Height: Approx. 33cm - 13 inches

Height (with Fringes): Approx. 55cm - 21.6 inches

Width: Approx. 26cm - 10.2 inches

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