Orange Feather Headdress



If you’re more of a tomboy, but you still want to look cute, look no further because this Orange Feather Headdress is made just for you!

Fashion heads might want to don in their long Indian Style Headdresses in festivals ignoring the tight crowd and hours of raving, but you, you’re different!

You want to dance without a care in the world.

You want to be able to hop around the party without minding your outfit.

You want to have fun, but still look good!

Well, this war bonnet is all that. The orange and black feathers, white faux fur details, and colorful stitching on the forehead band mesh together to create a simple yet artsy feel.

A light jewelry won’t stop you from dancing, so how about another piece from our accessory section to amp up your look?


Orange Feather Headdress has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 4 reviews.

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