Light Brown Leather Bag With Fringes - Small & Square


Sometimes, what you need is only one, eye-catchy accessory that’ll capture a wow in every turn!

Our light brown leather bag is designed with the Native American breastplate in mind. Its square cut lets the tassels naturally drape outlining the hand-cut bones, wooden beads, and turquoise center piece nicely patterned to give symmetry for the eyes.

Made with the soft leather, this bag is far from faux as justified by its leather locks clenched on the solid gold hoops that hold the adjustable strap together. It´s fully lined on the inside and fits nicely to any kind of look to its simply but warm color.



Height: Approx. 25cm - 9.8 inches

Height (with Fringes): Approx. 43cm - 16.9 inches

Width: Approx. 20cm - 7.9 inches

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