Rasta Style Native American Headdress - 75cm



Let the Indian feather do the talking for you with this Rasta Style Native American Style Headdress!

Designer bags and shoes catch attention and bearers are normally asked “Who are you wearing?” But imagine if you’re asked and you answer “Indigenous artists of Bali”, ain’t that an ice breaker?

This impressive war bonnet is handcrafted by Balinese artists with multicolored, 75cm feathers donned in intricate dots.

The tribal beadwork and colorful embellishments on the forehead band push your Indian inspired look to a whole new level.

Combine it with our Beige-Red Breastplate With Feathers or some other necklace in our jewelry section to be sure to tick all the boxes of the Native American style.


Rasta Style Native American Headdress - 75cm has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 20 reviews.

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