Buffalo Skull - Viking Carving


Fall instantly in love when admiring this authentic buffalo skull that comes with a very special carving design.

Balinese artists showed their fascination for the Viking culture by giving this white cow skull an intrinsic design that was inspired by the Scandinavian seafarers. By taking a closer look at the skull you will find intrinsic carvings such as tribal ornaments that will make it hard to decide where to look first.

It also comes with two, black horns that are in a bended form which add even more width to this impressive masterpiece.

It is up to you to decide if you want to display the skull on the wall or on a stand - the latter gives the viewer the possibility to admire the teeth that are only visible from the side.



- Length (without horns): approx. 21.7'' - 55cm

- Length (including horns): approx. 25.6'' - 65cm

- Width (from horn tip to tip): approx. 41.3'' - 105cm

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