Black Leather Bag With Fringes - Large & Square


We’ve got you covered from quality leather, golden strap hoops, to cascading fringes. But this black fringe bag has even more to offer.

Our artists cut pieces of animal bones by hand to give the bag a look of a Native American breastplate. Worn over the torso as protection from injury, it’s now placed in front of this leather bag as extra defense for your belongings and at the same time maintaining its glorious design just like how it’s reveled as a piece of religious impact in the Indian culture.

Carrying this fringe cross-body bag is like walking with a reminder of a historical regalia. So if you’re going for more than a hip vent and a large pack to carry all your stuff, our black boho bag will create ice breakers simply for its cultural significance.



Height: Approx. 33cm - 13 inches

Height (with Fringes): Approx. 55cm - 21.6 inches

Width: Approx. 26cm - 10.2 inches

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