Blue Tips Indian Headdress - 95cm



Doesn’t this blue-tipped Indian Style Headdress make you think of clouds? There’s dark clouds, rain clouds, and even cumulus, too.

It’s kinda like a balance of light and dark or good and bad. No matter how dark it is there’s always the bright side, right?

So if you want a wearable reminder of turning a bad day into a good one, opt for this Blue Tips Indian Headdress and wear your heart out.

Take a closer look and discover the mixture of oblong dark feathers and small white ones with blue tips and black dots that make it unique.

Style this Chief Style Headdress with a piece from our accessories collection to give your look the finishing touch. 


"Look exactly the same as the website picture and the BEST customer service ever had in US. Thanks!" - Yiwen J.


In action

Blue Tips Indian Headdress - 95cm Blue Tips Indian Headdress - 95cm
Blue Tips Indian Headdress - 95cm has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 20 reviews.

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