What has become of the Native American Trend?

We see a Native American headdress worn with pride and it simply puts us in awe. A motley Pendleton blanket caught our eyes and its festive symbols told us a story in that few seconds of glare. Then we thought, how can something full of life be equally animated that we cannot help but carry a piece of it as a part of us?

Well, that’s how the Native American trend started in the first place. We are just so captivated by its beauty and we want to express it. And with this urge to recreate, Native American aesthetics has inspired current fashion drifts world-wide.

Zealous with bold colors nipping in geometrical linings, it’s not just a handsome design but more of an illustration of a towering history. Just like how a Native American headdress is reasoned as sacred, most of these designs vivify their rich culture. May it be worn as a gist of one’s prestige, an expression of oneness with the universe, or an identification in fashion, it is here to stay.

From its most basic flair, beads opened new flavors for recreation. Before there were flashy spectacles in our sartorial splendor, beaded clothing inspired by the peoples has shown the otherness of older cultures, and we adore it. And through unending cycles of fashion it has evolved to something very chic like crystals. Rooting from spiritual beliefs, it is more than a knickknack but is treated as complementing amulets. Whether it's worn for the deep understanding of spirituality or for show, it ripples through generations.


Have Fashion Trends become Culturally Insensitive?

As this celebrated fashion transcended in different eras for years, the question of appropriation rekindled like wildfire all over the internet. A Native American headdress for sale is now thought as stereotyping and even worse - racist.

However, adapting a culturally inspired piece such as a Native American headdress is more than what meets the eye. It is a fete of beauty and a salute for essence. Thus, having been enlightened by the significance of a Native American headdress and other treasured ornaments, we grasp a sharper understanding of their culture.


How Do We Support Native Fashion?

If you truly want to be in depth with this celebration, collaborate with Native American designers and artists, know of the finest quality and appropriate name, and even if it’s not Native American-made but share the same wonderment, let’s welcome it in the mere essence of cultural blending.

When we see Native American fashion, spirited yet peppered with artistry, we see life in print and evokes a feeling of deep-rooted awareness. Just like the beatitude of the Native American headdress and the warm refuge of a Pendleton blanket, Navajo icon - Rain Parish, couldn’t describe it all better in words:
“As the light from the fire illuminated the moving bodies and blankets, the swirling shapes, lines, patterns, and colors sprang to life. I no longer saw blankets, but rather the familiar designs of the Holy People coming to life from the sand paintings. I saw moving clouds, glowing sunsets, and varicolored streaks of lightning, rainbow goddesses, sacred mountains, horned toads, and images like desert mirages— all dancing before my eyes."

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