What has become of the Native American Trend?

We see a Native American headdress worn with pride and we admire it in awe. A motley Pendleton blanket catches our eyes and its festive symbols tell us a story in just a few seconds. We see things that tell stories and carry meaning, and we wonder how such items can be just cast aside without the recognition they deserve?

Well, that’s how the Native American trend started in the first place. We are just so captivated by its beauty and we want to express it. And with this urge to recreate, Native American aesthetics has inspired current fashion trends worldwide. Vibrant bold colors, carefully designed geometrical patterns, and a stunning design are just part of what makes American Indian clothes and accessories special. But it’s more than this – they also represent a long and rich history.

Not only is a Native American headdress sacred, it’s also an example of rich culture. Whether it’s worn to showcase one’s prestige, express a person’s oneness with the universe, or just for fashion, this trend is here to stay!

The introduction of beads opened up new opportunities for creation. Before they were seen as flashy  fashion embellishments, but beaded clothing and accessories inspired by the Native Americans has introduced us older cultures, and we adore it!


Have Fashion Trends become Culturally Insensitive?

As this celebrated fashion has transcended into different eras for years, the question of appropriation rekindled like wildfire all over the Internet. A Native American headdress for sale is now thought as stereotyping and even worse, racist!

However, adapting and wearing a culturally inspired piece such as a Native American headdress is more than what meets the eye. Not only is it a fete of beauty, it has also given us a better understanding of the culture and traditions of the Native Americans.


How Do We Support Native Fashion?

To really celebrate and help preserve such beauty and tradition, why not collaborate with Native American designers?

Appreciate these items for what they are and wear them with the respect that they deserve whether it’s a Native American headdress, a beautiful and warm Pendleton blanket or a traditional Navajo icon.

For more inspiration and how to wear Native American items of clothing, check out our headdress collection.