The Meaning Of Feathers Photoshoot Information

The Meaning Of Feathers

The Native Americans were highly religious and spiritual people and saw a meaning in every little things which is from our today´s Western point of view very remarkable. 

Considering their belief was based on Aninism they thought that every natural thing in the universe has a spirit and a soul. They believed that everything is alive and possesses therefore an inherent power and wisdom. Brave warriors could gain feathers when they were successfully fighting. A close relative kept those feathers for the warrior in order to create sooner or later a beautiful Indian headdress with them. Indigenous Indians believed that when a feather fell to earth it still had empowered the energy of it´s former attachment and always appeared on purpose.

The meaning of birds and their feathers played an important role as the native Americans believed that the feathers could empower a person with the supernatural power and characteristics of the bird.

Consequently feathers were the most important attributes of a native American war bonnet. Usually the Indian chiefs wore the most beautiful Indian headdresses as they were brave in battles and also smart enough to conquer their enemies. Due to their wins in wars they earned a lot of feathers which gave them the biggest and most stunning Indian headdresses of their tribe.

Photographer: Ahsheuqe

Our beautiful model wears our Black-dotted white Indian chief headdress


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