Horses - Symbol Of Loyalty, Power & Devotion Photoshoot Information

Horses - Symbol Of Loyalty, Power & Devotion

Photographer: Dannie - Photography & Digital-Art

Models: Alexandra Prinz and Dragana V.


We believe that many people have a certain stereotype in mind when they think about Native Americans. Most people have a mind pic of a proud warrior sitting on a horses with his beautiful, hand-crafted headdress on. However not only the American Indian headdresses were important for the Native Indigenous, but also their animals - especially their horses.

Each animal had a certain meaning for the Native Americans and played important roles in the belief system of them. However one of the most important animals in their daily life were horses.

Indigenous Indians were amazed when they were introduced to horses by the Europeans back in the 15th and 16th century. They found themselves so much more powerful when they were riding on a horse that horses were seen as godlike creatures. Since they were so impressed by these animals they started to draw them as symbols in order to communicate them to further generations. For native Americans horses had a meaning of devotion, power, strength and mobility. Also for their enemies it must have been an impressive statement when many warriors were riding towards them in order to fight and wearing proudly their headdresses that they´ve earned in former battles.

In order to honor the importance of horses for the indigenous Indians, we want to share the beautiful pictures that the talented Dannie took. Simply stunning how she presented our Rasta Style Indian Headdress 90cm

and our White Indian Headdress 90cm.




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