Pearl Indian Headdress - 95cm


If you’re going for an earthy bohemian look, start off with this White Shaded Indian Style Headdress and throw in some color in your outfit.

The Indian inspired headpiece comes with white fur details and light-colored, handmade beadwork that are toned down to set the spotlight for the white-shaded feathers.

For just a glimpse of color, our Balinese craftsmen embellished the forehead band with tribal symbols to give the headdress an unique touch and an authentic vibe.

Pair the headdress with a piece from our jewelry collection to complete your look!


"Ordered three headdresses for use in Boy Scout Order of The Arrow ceremony team and are Very pleased with our purchase. We would recommend these for anyone looking for ceremonial items." - Wayne T. 

Pearl Indian Headdress - 95cm has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 4 reviews.

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